Authorities Hiding the US Military Use of Shannon While Companies Like US Alliance Promote It

Why is it that the media or state/semi state bodies conspire to hide the fact US military use of Shannon Airport?

Shannon has been providing direct support for US military operations for close to 20 years. Companies like US Alliance that provide ground handling services for the US military at Shannon promote the airport on the basis that it has

  • No slots/noise restriction
  • Runway 3,200 meter
  • US Department of Homeland security base in Shannon operating CBP clearance
  • 24/7 operations

Yes, that says no noise restrictions! The US military are being encouraged to take whatever loud, intrusive military planes they want in or out of Shannon at any time of the day or night. Just like they would at any of their military bases.

To emphasise the point, US Alliance even refer to the ground handling for the US military as Base Ops EINN on their website.

But if you take a look at the Shannon Airport or Shannon Airport Authority websites you won't find a single mention of the military business. 

The Shannon Airport Authority is a public limited company, with responsibility for the management, operations and development of Shannon Airport. It says it is "committed to the delivery of a safe, secure and customer focused airport operation", achieved "through its commitment in delivering its service to the highest national/ international standards and best practice".

It hides the fact that there are hundreds of foreign troops and their weapons transiting through the airport almost every day, on their way to and from warzones. Consequently most people don't even know that it is a de facto US military base, as well as a civilian airport.    

The following letter from US Veteran for Peace Tarak Kauff sums up the situation quite well. It was printed in last week's edition of the Limerick Post. We commend the Post for printing it, but ask why is there not more discussion in the media about the use of Shannon Airport as a US military base?

I read with considerable interest the four articles in the Limerick Post about Shannon Airport: Marking up another world aviation first; JP's Shannon scare as jet make emergency landing; Team work needed to support airport; and Marking 80 years of making aviation history at Shannon. In the last, Shannon's  Chief Executive, Mary Considine says they "are very proud of the place we have earned" and that, "Above all, we are an airport that is embedded in our community." Wonderful. 

By the way, I'm a former U.S. Army paratrooper who has been living here in Limerick, Ireland, courtesy of the Irish government for the past four months. 

I noticed with curiosity that in none of the articles, and not even in the very extensive Shannon Airport website ( did I find any mention of the literally millions of U.S. troops and their weapons traveling and landing on their way to and from U.S. wars in the Middle East. 

I have a number of close friends, both U.S. paratroopers and U.S. Marines who have landed at Shannon  along with their M 16 and M 4 automatic weapons.

I must wonder, since there is no mention of those troops or the U.S. military or civilian contracted aircraft that land and take off at Shannon as if it were their own massive aircraft carrier, is there some shame that Shannon Airport has about supporting U.S. wars in the Middle East? Are there international laws on neutrality that are possibly being breached? 

The answer to that question is of course, yes. 

Tarak Kauff

Perhaps the Minister for Torism, Transport and Sport Shane Ross could explain why the airport he is ultimately responsible for is operating as a US miltary base?

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