Colm Roddy in Ennis Court on Wednesday Feb 15th

Colm (second from left) with friends and supporters outside Shannon Garda Station after his re-arrest

Gardai at Shannon have, over the years, failed in their duty to investigate torture and complicity in war crimes, and systematically avoided searching or investigating aircraft associated with the US military or CIA. As a result, Irish citizens have felt morally and legally obliged to do what the Gardai are refusing to do, that is search US and CIA aircraft at Shannon. Colm Roddy and Dave Donnellan attempted to do this last May, and were arrested for so doing. Theyhave been before the courts on several occasions in the meantime on spurious and unjustified charges of doing criminal damage.

This is an extract from the report on their court appearance of 16th Nov last 

"Colm began by complaining about the manner in which he had been arrested this morning by Garda Colm Moriarty, when he had arrived in Ennis today of his own accord from Dublin as he had done for each of the previous days hearings. Judge Durcan focused on this issue, and made it clear to the prosecuting Garda Inspector, that he considered this procedure most inappropriate in this case. It was also clarified at this point that the previous charges had been withdrawn by the prosecution so that the new charges could be introduced. Judge Durcan then dismissed the new charges against Colm Roddy. Colm, and many others in court still thought the original charges were in force, and began asking the Judge about issues relating to these original charges. Judge Durcan told him he was free to go, and advised him to "just keep walking" out of the court, which he did."

So Colm's case was dismissed by the Judge. His case should have ended there. However, in an extraordinary development, the State/prosecution appealed Judge Durcan's decision to dismiss the case against Colm to the Director of Public Prosecutions, and outrageously, the DPP ordered that he be re-charged in connection with his attempt to search the US military aircraft that was a Shannon Airport last May in breach of international laws on neutrality. Yesterday, by arrangement with the prosecuting Garda, Colm, accompanied by 10 of his peace activists colleagues, went to Shannon Garda Station, where he was arrested, and charged, or recharged, or whatever, and he will now be obliged to appear at Ennis District Court this comming Wednesday.

While Colm's case is most unlikely to be fully dealt with on this day, we ask that peace activists who are available should attend in court in solidarity with Colm. The court begins at 10.30 this Wednesday 15 February at Ennis District Court.

The scandal of Garda failure to due their duty at Shannon Airport is serious.The deaths of large mumbers of people are being facilitated by the illegal use of the airport by the US military, and the Gardai are actively complicit by doing nothing.

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