US Military Planes At Shannon 26th February 2019

Tuesday morning 26 Feb 2019 there were at least five aircraft on contract to the US military carrying probably over 1,000 armed US soldiers and their weapons at Shannon Airport

Omni Air N477AX arrived from US bases in Qatar and Kuwait refueled at Shannon and took off for Pope US air base NC USA. 

Omni Air N225AX arrived from US base at Colorado Springs and Cannon air force base in New Mexico and most likely heading for the Middle East

Omni Air N342 arrived from Hurlburt US air base in Florida and also probably heading for Middle East 

Omni Air N207AX has been at Shannon airport since 18 February undergoing repairs 

Volga Dnepr RA82077 is a huge cargo Antonov 124-100 capable of transporting tanks and other large and heavy military equipment. It arrived at Shannon from Cagliari Air Base in Sicily having previous been at Leipzig in Germany and at Evereth Paine US Air base in Alaska. This plane has a cargo lift capacity of 150 tons, and a flight range of 5,000km.

Its time to end this. Get the warplanes out of Shannon.

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