US Troop Carriers - Not Needed at Shannon or Anywhere Else

Sunday August 4th at Shannon Airport - two Omni Air International planes on contract to the US military.

N828AX arrived from the largest US air base in the Middle East at Al Udeid in Qatar. It refuelled and took off again at 03.23 am in the morning, heading for Buckley Air Base in Colorado. It also landed at Dallas Forth Worth in Texas. 

N477AX arrived from Dallas Fort Worth in Texas at 18.18 pm refuelled and took off again towards the Middle East.

Photograph of N828AX at Shannon in October 2018. N477AX photographed on Aug 4th 2019 (also at Shannon). Both taken by Shannonwatch

On their website, Omni Air International say they transport US and foreign military troops, military family members, government employees and natural and humanitarian disaster relief "to the destinations they are needed most, at the times they are needed most". The US military is NOT needed in the Middle East; while their strategy there since the Cold War is said to focus on establishing and managing a global security system to contain and deter outside threats, the consequences have been to increase threats to global security and to create ongoing instability in the region. 


The US military is also not needed at any of the 800+ foreign bases it has scattered around the world. David Vine, author of Base Nation: How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World, estimates that maintaining these bases and troops overseas costs around $100 billion a year, with the total for bases and troops in warzones being closer to $200 billion. 

Omni Air and Shannon Airport are both attempting to get a small slice of this immoral and wasteful spending on military operations. In doing so they are contributing to the suffering and deaths of millions of people. 

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