Early Morning Update: Military Traffic Through Shannon

  • Posted on: 22 May 2020
  • By: shannonwatch

Today at Shannon airport at least four Omni Air aircraft on contract to the US military either have landed or are likely to land and refuel. Another Omni Air aircraft is due to land at Dublin Airport. All this at a time when travel is restricted to Irish citizens. Are any of the crews or soldiers on these aircraft being allowed into the terminal buildings and if so are they being checked for Covid-19 and if not why not?

  • Omni Air N468AX is en route from Elmondorf Air force base in Alaska to Shannon a journey of over 4,280 miles and due to land in the early afternoon,
  • Omni Air N351AX arrived at Shannon from Cherry Point NC, location of the Marine Corps Naval Station and took off again towards the Middle East at 7.31am
  • Omni Air N342AX arrived at Shannon from Norfolk Air Base and took off again heading East at 9.30 am
  • Omni Air N378AX is due to land at Dublin airport at about 11am. This may be a civilian flight.
  • Omni Air N819AX that refuelled at Shannon yesterday on its way to Kuwait is now on its way back via Sofia and may also be due to land at Shannon.

That is a lot of military traffic for a "civilian" airport in a "neutral" country.