February 2020 Peace Vigil at Shannon

  • Posted on: 10 February 2020
  • By: shannonwatch

Many medium_Shannon_Peace_Vigil_20200210.jpgthanks to our dozen committed peace activists who turned out for the Shannonwatch peace vigil today in spite of dreadful weather, with a storm blowing and heavy rain.

The photo was taken as we ended our vigil and after several activist had left, including octogenarian Margaretta D'Arcy who travelled from Galway by bus. Spare a though and a prayer for migrants who endure even worse weather conditions in grossly inadequate concentration camps.

We all had the privilege of going home to warm dry houses and good food, while the migrants and refugees, that we are helping to create by supporting unjustified wars in the Middle East and north Africa, have no homes to go to.