Court Case Delayed - Again

  • Posted on: 12 December 2021
  • By: admin

At Dublin Circuit on Friday the case against peace activists Edward Horgan and Dan Dowling which was due for trial on Monday Dec 13th was postponed into 2022. There will be another hearing on Monday to set yet another trial date which will be close to 5 years after their peace action at Shannon.

Justice delayed justice denied?

The plaintiffs were also notified just before the court that the most important witness, the pilot of the US Navy aircraft that had some graffiti painted on it, will not be available. This was raised in the court on Friday, and the prosecution barrister said he had retired and was not responding to efforts to contact him.

Perhaps he might be worried that he might be prosecuted himself for trespassing at Shannon, since he was in breach of his DFA conditions for landing at Shannon?

Edward Horgan suggested that if he did not want to travel to Ireland from the US, he should give evidence by video link and the judge asked prosecution to follow up on this. The plaintiffs have some important questions to ask him, which the Irish and US governments may not have wanted him to answer.

The saga goes on and meanwhile children are still being killed in the middle East by US NAvy special forces, killer sanctions in Yemen and elsewhere. 

We will keep you all informed of further developments ...