Public Talk by Imprisoned Peace Activist Margaretta D'Arcy

Thursday, 1 May, 2014 - 19:00 - 21:00

Shannonwatch, in conjunction with The Bottom Dog publication, are proud to host a public talk by peace activist, writer and actress

Margaretta D'Arcy

in the Mechanics Institute, Hartstonge St., Limerick

on Thursday May 1st at 7pm.

Margaretta served almost 10 weeks of a three month prison sentence for protesting the use of Shannon Airport by US military, and was only released on March 22. She will talk about her life of activism and the ongoing campaign to rid Shannon of the US military.

Garda Reports of Instructions Not to Search Rendition Planes Need to be Clarified

Recent disturbing revelations in relation to the behaviour of Garda management and the Minister for Justice give new significance to statements made by members of An Garda Siochana about instructions not to search suspected CIA rendition and US military aircraft at Shannon Airport.

Over the last eight years, Gardai of various ranks have told members of Shannonwatch that an "instruction" or "policy decision" or "letter of advice" has existed in relation to the searching of these aircraft.

In 2006, in a conversation with a member of Shannonwatch, a detective superintendent referred to a "letter of advice" from the Attorney General to the Garda Commissioner that US military and CIA associated aircraft at Shannon were not to be searched. Again on 30th October 2007, at Shannon Airport, an officer informed the same Shannonwatch member that Gardaí at Shannon had been instructed by the Attorney General not to search US military or CIA associated aircraft at the airport.

Statement from Margaretta D'Arcy on her Release from Mountjoy Prison

At a News Conference in Buswell's Hotel today (Saturday, March 22, 2014), immediately following her release from Mountjoy Prison, peace activist, artist and human rights campaigner, Margaretta D'Arcy, discussed her nine weeks in both Limerick and Mountjoy Prisons and the reasons for her arrest.

Hellfire Missiles Coming Through Shannon?

A US Hercules C-130 photographed at Shannon last week


A report in The Guardian Newspaper on 16 March 2014 reveals that 100 Hellfire missiles were sent by the US Government to Iraq over the past few weeks. It is not known whether these weapons were transported through Shannon Airport, but we do know that several US Air Force Hercules C130 aircraft were refuelled at Shannon Airport during this period, and that none of these aircraft were searched by Gardai, or by the Irish army who were guarding these aircraft while they were at Shannon, in some cases overnight.

Shannon Protests are not Going Away

Last month the Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar expressed surprise that the number of protests at Shannon Airport has increased in the past two years despite a two-thirds drop in US military flights in the same period. We're glad he's noticed our peace efforts and we can assure him there will be plenty more.

This weekend showed that the protests are definitely not going away until such time as the US military use of the airport ends. On Saturday International Women's Day was marked by a gathering at the site of the original women's peace camp from 2002/2003 (see separate report). And on Sunday people gathered to once again demand an end to the ongoing US military use of the airport, and to show their solidarity with imprisoned peace activist Margaretta D'Arcy.

Report on International Women's Day Peace Camp at Shannon

Fiona Wheeler

On Saturday, 8th March 2014, one of the windiest days ever experienced at Shannon, a Peace Camp was held to celebrate International Women's Day. It was just over eleven years since the initial Peace Camp had been established there,  prior to the  invasion of Iraq in March 2003. One of the original founders of the camp, Margaretta D'Arcy,  is currently in Mountjoy prison serving a three month sentence for going onto the runway and refusing to sign a bond  undertaking not to  do so again  to protest against the continuing use of Shannon Airport by the U.S. Military.   

Apparently Ireland is a neutral country, at least according to Bunreacht na hÉireann / The Irish Constitution it is. Irish Neutrality is, however,  'more honoured in the breach than in the observance', especially at Shannon Airport.