Thousands of US Troops Through Shannon Airport

  • Posted on: 7 April 2024
  • By: shannonwatch

At least 1,000 armed US soldiers are likely to have passed through Shannon Airport over a 24 hour period covering Friday and Saturday last, and several hundred more probably passed through Irish airspace, mainly to and from the Middle East. All were on Omni Air flights on contract to the US military, and there may well have been more on other airlines. Shannon Airport is being used to support multiple wars in the Middle East and in Ukraine. Meanwhile the death toll in Palestine is now put at over 33,000 and this does not include all those dead who were buried alive under the rubble of their homes.

The troop flights through Shannon in the 24 hour period were

1. Omni Air N828AX arrived at Shannon from a US air base in Poznan, Poland and then flew on to the US.

2. Omni Air N846AX arrived at Shannon from Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates,

3. Omni Air N378AX arrived at Shannon from Bulgaria and Kuwait and then flew to the US.

4. Omni Air N477AX arrived at Shannon coming from Kuwait.

Omni Air N819AX passed through Shannon on Thursday from the US and traveled on to Kuwait and Qatar and then returned again through Shannon yesterday Friday on its way back to the US.

Omni Air N351AX passed through Irish Air Space coming from the US and travelled on towards the Middle East with delivery stops at Nuremberg Germany and Sofia Bulgaria.

This is a disgrace being perpetrated by the Irish Government, including the Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheal Martin, and Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan who approves the carrying of weapons on these flights.