US Airbase Shannon - Report for 6th December (2015)

Two more US military planes at Shannon today ...

One, an Omni Air International troop carrier, registration N342AX, took off about 4pm.

The other was a US Navy C-130T registration 16-5378. A group of people (at least 14 at one point) seemed to be working on repairing an engine. Here's a report from a Shannonwatch member who was at the airport: 

From Shannon to Lesvos: Cause and Effect in the Refugee Crisis

Thursday, 10 December, 2015 - 19:30 - 21:00

A public talk in which two local activists provide perspectives on the human consequences of war, and the implications of Shannon Airport’s support for military interventions in the Middle East.

Venue: Pery's Hotel, Glentworth St. Limerick

Clouds of War Over Shannon

Today at Shannon airport, with a red alert storm approaching there were two US warplanes on their way to or from the Middle East delivering armed US troops and possibly munitions of war, to help kill even more people, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, or Yemen. Munitions are being delivered not only to US bases and troops in the region but also to the US allies, especially Saudi Arabia, which is leading the civil war intervention in Yemen, and causing thousands of deaths which are seldom being reported internationally. Planes coming through Shannon may well be delivering these munitions.

A very credible research report on the number of deaths caused by US and NATO led wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq puts the number of fatalities between one and two million, and that does not include the 250,000 deaths so far in Syria. A very conservative estimate is that over 100,000 of these fatalities were children.

War Against Daesh (IS) will take "10 years or more"

Galway Alliance Against War, 3rd December 2015

The USA, France, Britain and Germany do not have a UN mandate to carry out war in Syria. But our new-age crusaders don't need permission to wage war.

In the debate in the German parliament it was stated by the government that it would take "10 years or more of war to defeat IS". Equally worrying were the statements of German government politicians, for example, Norbert Röttingen, CDU foreign affairs spokesperson, stated on German radio that if the IS is to be fought then the Iranian Shia militia would first have to be pushed back.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Unwilling to Find Out or Tell the Truth about US Military Use of Shannon

Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan has admitted that he or his department do not know or do not attempt to find out how many US troops really pass through Shannon. In response to a parliamentary question from Clare Daly TD about the number of military personnel who have passed through Shannon Airport on military and State aircraft, including crew, he said

"In examining requests for landings of foreign military aircraft at Shannon Airport, passenger numbers are not routinely sought by my Department.  The vast majority of military personnel who transit through Shannon Airport do so on civil aircraft."

We know that 2.5 million troops and their weapons have transited through Shannon on those so-called 'civil aircraft' (like those operated by Omni Air International). But now it appears that the government has no idea how many more transit through on military planes like the Hercules C-130s that we have photographed troops getting off.

New booklet: Shannon Airport and 21st Century War

We are delighted to announce a new publication entitled Shannon Airport and 21st Century War, edited by Shannonwatch's John Lannon and PANA's Roger Cole. Printed copies of the 48 page booklet are available for €10 by contacting Shannonwatch or PANA. You can also download a PDF version of the booklet by clicking here.

The primary purpose of the publication is to document and raise awareness of the extent to which Irish values and neutrality have been eroded by the US military use of Shannon Airport. It charts Government support for this since 2002, and examines the flawed basis upon which they've attempted to justify it. The use of the airport in the illegal CIA practice of kidnapping and torture, known as renditions, is also outlined as is the cost to the Irish State for the support given to the US war machine.