Press Statement 10th July 2013 Ennis Court, Margaretta D'Arcy

Margaretta D'Arcy of Galway Alliance Against War attended Ennis District Court  at 10.30am on Wednesday 10th July, to face the charge that she “did interfere with the proper use of that airport by going on the runway without permission". Below is a statement from Margaretta.

It is the improper use of Shannon Airport; a civilian airport that makes me want to have this conversation with the State. Why is Shannon Airport improper? - It is endangering civilian lives and making us complicit in war crimes. It has turned a civilian airport into a military airport.

Trying to Prosecute Peace Activists while the Real Criminals go Unchallenged

Niall Farrell leaving the Garda Station in Oranmore

The determination to find someone to prosecute for peace actions at Shannon Airport continued this week with further interrogation of Galway Alliance Against War (GAAW) activist Niall Farrell. This is part of a long-running saga which started with an act of peaceful sabotage of a US troop carrier at Shannon in December 2011. At the time, GAAW publicised information they had received anonymously concerning the peace action, and as a result Gardai raided Niall's house. During the raid a desktop computer was taken, and 13 months later it still has not been returned.

Ireland and the Arms Trade Treaty - When Will We See it Being Implemented?

On 2 April 2013, the UN General Assembly adopted an Arms Trade Treaty which is intended to regulate the international trade in conventional arms. It covers everything from small arms to battle tanks, combat aircraft and warships. According to the UN Office of Disarmament Affairs the treaty will "foster peace and security by putting a stop to destabilising arms flows to conflict regions. It will prevent human rights abusers and violators of the law of war from being supplied with arms. And it will help keep warlords, pirates, and gangs from acquiring these deadly tools".

67 Member States including Ireland signed the Arms Trade Treaty when it opened for signature on 3rd June. By signing they signaled their intention to become a party to the Treaty in the future.

Protest - and Gardai Just "Doing Their Jobs" - at Shannon

Margaretta D'Arcy, Mick Wallace TD, Zoe Lawlor and Clare Daly TD discuss the US military and CIA use of Shannon with Gardai

For the first time in many months the regular peace vigil at Shannon Airport was held in bright sunshine. But what didn't change was that the peaceful protestors were outnumbered by Gardai who erected crash barriers and stood in line to block access to the airport. Even the presence of two TDs, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace who asked to walk up to the airport, was met with the usual refusal.

Sixteen peaceful protesters. And more than twenty Gardai all staring in the wrong direction, away from where the war criminals might be. Keeping the airport free of peaceful protestors. Just "doing their jobs" they said.

TDs Join Protest Against US Military Use of Shannon

As part of the ongoing response to the continuing use of Shannon Airport by the US military, Shannonwatch are holding a vigil outside the airport from 2pm to 3pm on Sunday June 9th. The vigil will be attended by independent TDs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace who will call for government action in line with its stated commitment to international law and Irish neutrality.

Bradley Manning - On Trial Now for Exposing War Crimes Manning went on trial at Fort Meade in Maryland on Monday, facing 21 charges resulting from the leaking of hundreds of thousands of classified digital files to WikiLeaks. His "crime" was to expose the truth about the much more serious US war crimes and about their secret foreign policy dealings. His punishment, if the US government have their way, will be life imprisonment.